Oracle preview: Dark Mirror Oracle

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Oracle preview: Dark Mirror Oracle Empty Oracle preview: Dark Mirror Oracle

Post by rif on Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:53 am


Name: Dark Mirror Oracle
Creator(s): Riccardo Minetti, Laura Sava
Approximate release: September 2018
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo / Llewellyn

Description: Move beyond traditional fantasy images and discover a dystopian vision of the subconscious. A tribute to artist Laura Sava, well known to fantasy lovers for her illustrations for Final Fantasy and Legend of the Cryptics, this exceptional oracle deck is ideal for shadow work and exploring the disquiet of modern life. The Dark Mirror Oracle helps you reconnect to your spirituality by accepting the darkness within.

Notes: None.

rif says: Laura Sava is a freelance Romanian illustrator who seems to do a lot of work in character design and illustration; and concept art. While this deck style isn't to my taste, her artwork in general is quite good.
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