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Post by rif on Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:38 pm

This section of the forum is meant to be a central place for "what's new" in the world of cartomancy decks and books. This will be for our community reviews of published decks and books, as well as previews to know what's expected to be published in future.

This is NOT an advertising section for any member's product. (Town Crier handles that.) The spirit of Through the Looking Glass is for:

1. Honest reviews. If a community member cares enough to write a more formal review for a deck or book, then the rest of us are glad to see it. We don't want this abused by disguised advertisement; we want members who are genuinely interested in sharing their opinions as a review.

2. Previews. In other words, what's coming out in the future, and where can I learn more about it? A preview will include title, creator(s), publisher, anticipated date of availability and a description. There may also be notes from staff or the submitter, which will be labelled as such, to add info or highlight personal thoughts.

People interested in contributing can contact @rif directly, or use the Contact link at the bottom of pages, to express interest. Submissions will be via email, and should follow the format of existing reviews or previews.

Note: All items will start with a standard type tag (and title). If you want to see #tarot_previews, for example, you can click on that tag in one of the previews, and see all tarot deck previews. These tags should only be used in this section of the forum, and staff reserve the right to remove them from elsewhere.
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