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Tarot preview: TrueBlack Tarot Empty Tarot preview: TrueBlack Tarot

Post by rif on Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:14 pm


Name: TrueBlack Tarot
Creator(s): Arthur Wang
Approximate release: December 2018
Publisher: Self-published

Description: TrueBlack was conceived as a timeless tarot. Every detail has been carefully chosen to embody an exacting perfection, creating a deck that lasts a lifetime and speaks of many more. Illustrated in a style that refuses to be placed in any specific era or time, each card emerges from the darkness a story in itself, embodied in a painting that is both ancient and contemporary.

Notes: Cards are said to be waterproof. Comes with a guidebook and a magnetic box.

@Farzon says: The TrueBlack Tarot features pale, sometimes nearly faceless figures and animals on black backgrounds with spots of colour; mostly shades of gold. The art looks slick and stylish but the lack of faces could be disturbing for some. If the production can keep up with the promises — a soft touch cardstock, glossed designs on the background and the Major Arcana, and a sturdy and elegant box — this will be one of the most lush decks in 2018.
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